Risk Management Studio

Risk Management Studio is used by companies and institutions as a Risk Management framework. RM Studio is one of the most versatile and used applications when it comes to Risk Management. They help by clarifying their customer’s vision for governance, risk, and compliance. RM Studio’s IRMF (Integrated Risk Management Framework) software provides an extensive toolkit, which guides you through the implementation of risk management policies, processes, and procedures. RM Studio sums up their process in three simple steps: Identify, Fortify, and Verify. They first help Continue reading →


Medcurity is the top HIPAA security risk analysis software in the U.S.. Founded in Spokane, Washington, by Joe Gellatly and Amanda Hepper, Medcurity grew at an extreme rate.. They built Medcurity to help healthcare organizations manage complex HIPAA and security requirements in one powerful platform. With Medcurity, you can build or complete your HIPAA privacy and security program with the most intuitive tools and helpful guidance available. Conduct your Security Risk Analysis with one of their supportive tools that gives explanations, definitions, and examples throughout. Continue reading →


Mitel Mitel is one of the most efficient VOIP providers, closely ranked with RingCentral and Ooma Inc. Starting in 1972, they have become one of the leading brand names in the VOIP industry. By selling their products to small, newly developed businesses, as well as big, well known companies, they continue to grow today. From basic, easy to use VOIP phones to complex, upgraded systems, Mitel has provided their services to hundreds of companies worldwide. They provide great customer support, and are well known for Continue reading →