Ring Central To hundreds of thousands of people, RingCentral offers the most trustworthy, well working VOIP phones system in the whole world. Founded in 1999, this company was soon thriving. RingCentral has created their own applications for many different devices, so no matter what device they are using, users can open an interface to interact. RingCentral also makes it easy for users to personalize their system to work however they want it to. But even with the extra features, some people have had trouble with Continue reading →

8×8 Inc

8×8 Inc. 8×8 Inc is in the top five rated VOIP providers, next to Ooma Office and RingCentral. Founded in 1987 by Dr. Chi-Shin Wang and Dr. Y.W., 8×8 has become a big success. In January of 1999, they started working with VOIP systems. Three years later, they became an official VOIP phone provider. 8×8 is unique because they are flexible and able to work with companies and businesses of all sizes. This is made possible because 8×8 provides convenient VOIP phone systems, while staying Continue reading →


Grasshopper Over a thousand people have stated that Grasshopper is one of the best VOIP providers, with their fast and efficient system. In 2003, two entrepreneurs had the idea to make a company that provided customers with favourable VOIP business phones. This idea turned into a real company, which was called Grasshopper. Grasshopper has helped over 350,000 entrepreneurs since 2003, and is determined to grow and help more and more people. With reasonable costs, paid monthly or yearly, Grasshopper is easily affordable. They also provide Continue reading →