Risk Management Studio

Risk Management Studio is used by companies and institutions as a Risk Management framework. RM Studio is one of the most versatile and used applications when it comes to Risk Management. They help by clarifying their customer’s vision for governance, risk, and compliance. RM Studio’s IRMF (Integrated Risk Management Framework) software provides an extensive toolkit, which guides you through the implementation of risk management policies, processes, and procedures.

RM Studio sums up their process in three simple steps: Identify, Fortify, and Verify. They first help you identify and understand the organization of the laws, risks, regulations, controls and stakeholders required to successfully meet your business objectives. 

Then they help with the fortification of the ISMS (Information Security Management System). They guide you through the process of strengthening your cybersecurity defence, general governance, and culture of compliance in one centralized solution.

Lastly, they assist in the verification and validation of the collective efforts that are vital to prove reliability and consistency. This is important for newer companies to learn, so they’re able to prove their company is real and trustworthy.

RM Studio also provides Gap Analysis and a Business Continuity Manager in it. Learning RM Studio is uncomplicated and can be used as a pro tool very soon after starting. The installation is easy and free, and upgrades/customer support come free with the yearly package.