Ring Central

To hundreds of thousands of people, RingCentral offers the most trustworthy, well working VOIP phones system in the whole world. Founded in 1999, this company was soon thriving. RingCentral has created their own applications for many different devices, so no matter what device they are using, users can open an interface to interact. RingCentral also makes it easy for users to personalize their system to work however they want it to.

But even with the extra features, some people have had trouble with RingCentral’s faxing, and compared to providers like Nextiva and 8×8, their customer support isn’t great. Only the bigger and more expensive plans give high quality support. Saying they offer no service at all isn’t true, and to most people it is satisfactory, especially with everything else that their product gives you.

Another drawback for small companies would be the prices, which might seem enormous compared to other VOIP providers. Paying monthly or for the plans that are only for twenty or less people will be very costly. For both of these reasons, RingCentral is recommended more for big companies than smaller ones.

RingCentral is well known for having the most easy to use system, and most straightforward interface. Their setup is quick, and compared to many other providers, they have the most simple system, yet some of the newest and most complex features. Even instructional videos are added to get you used to their system and features with little difficulty. One of these features is a mobile app, that has a selection call tools that pop up whenever a call is made, enabling you to have tools like call recording and call transferring available at any time.

Altogether, RingCentral is an easy to use, well updated system, geared towards larger companies and enterprises, because of it’s high prices and bigger plans.