Vonage Business

Vonage Business

Vonage is ranked as one of the top VOIP phone providers. Like RingCentral and Nextiva, they offer an efficient and practical system. In 2003, Vonage became the first VOIP system to provide 911 dialing. One year later they were working with Circuit City, and were very first to offer VOIP systems in retail stores. Even now, Vonage is finding new and never before used features to add to their advanced system.

While currently located in New Jersey, their service is used nationwide. Contact support is limited, but in case of an emergency, someone will always be available. Vonage gives a free adapter device with any plan, but call queueing, faxing, and group calling are added costs. They do offer a free app for your mobile device, so you can virtually access your system from anywhere at anytime.

Vonage is also well known for some of their first-class features, like the ability to fax without paper. There would no longer be any need to buy ink and paper, and you could send and receive faxes from your mobile device. It keep the cost down, while also

Another really famous feature that Vonage has is the virtual receptionist. A virtual receptionist is an automated call attendant, capable of guiding customers to where they need to go, then handing them off to human employees that specialize in that specific department. They’re considered one of the most popular additions, because they let customers get exactly the help they need, make it so not every call has to be answered by employees or yourself, and make your company will sound more professional.

Vonage is highly recommended for small businesses, even though larger companies also use them. So, for small businesses especially, Vonage is a great choice as far VOIP systems, with their small pricing and ease of use.