8×8 Inc

8×8 Inc.

8×8 Inc is in the top five rated VOIP providers, next to Ooma Office and RingCentral. Founded in 1987 by Dr. Chi-Shin Wang and Dr. Y.W., 8×8 has become a big success. In January of 1999, they started working with VOIP systems. Three years later, they became an official VOIP phone provider.

8×8 is unique because they are flexible and able to work with companies and businesses of all sizes. This is made possible because 8×8 provides convenient VOIP phone systems, while staying within a small budget. 8×8 is currently and continually advancing, always keeping up to date. They have more than one hundred and forty patients, and are trusted by over a million companies, including McDonald’s, Abode Services, and Allstate.

The prices 8×8 offer are very reasonable, paid monthly or yearly, but an activation fee is required before using the VOIP system, adding a little more to the cost. Needing no maintenance, their product is very simple to use, but can be a bit tricky to get started. 8×8 caters to the needs of each individual business, allowing you to use greater or fewer numbers of lines, based on the size of your company.

It is true that every VOIP provider can have weaknesses, and for 8×8 that weakness is it’s conferencing. Their system allows only fifty people on audio conferences, and only eight on video conferences, unlike providers like RingCentral, that offer at least twenty times that.

Overall, the majority of customers of 8×8 are completely satisfied with their choice, and highly recommend using their product. 8×8 Inc is a good decision for companies, businesses, and enterprises both small and large, and would be the perfect solution as an easy to use VOIP system.