Mitel is one of the most efficient VOIP providers, closely ranked with RingCentral and Ooma. Starting in 1972, they have become one of the leading brand names in the VOIP industry. By selling their products to small, newly developed businesses, as well as big, well known companies, they continue to grow today. From basic, easy to use VOIP phones to complex, upgraded systems, Mitel has provided their services to hundreds of companies worldwide. They provide great customer support, and are well known for their efficiency. 

Although they have great reviews, Mitel doesn’t give free trials, and it is very difficult to get an idea of what the price of their services will be. Their costs will vary in different situations, and a quote is needed to get a real understanding of what the price will be for you. Getting quotes from different providers is something we do to help you find a price that will fit your needs. Mitel’s service is very straightforward and easy to use, but without a free trial, it can be difficult for some of the smaller businesses to agree to a long contract.

Mitel offers a wide variety of services, and are very up to date. They don’t provide video tutorials though, which many companies find helpful. When compared with other providers like RingCentral and Nextiva, they offer their own unique services, but still lack in other features. It is recommended to compare the features of all providers, to find which one will have everything you will need. If Mitel has the right features for your business or company, their support and quality will make them well worth the prices.