Ooma Inc.

Ooma Inc. is in the top five VOIP providers of the USA, for their great pricing and high quality product. Soon after it was started in California, Ooma was named one of the fastest growing private companies. Ooma was founded by Andrew Frame in 2004, and eight years later received the Internet Telephony Product of the Year award. Ooma escalated quickly and has become a well known platform with many users. It continued to upgrade and improve, and is now one of the most well known VOIP providers.

Ooma isn’t known for providing the best customer support, but they do offer 24/7 communication through live chats. Their phone support service is limited, unlike Vonage and other VOIP providers. Ooma is famous for it’s very cheap prices, allowing you to find an easily affordable plan. They are one of the lowest pricing VOIP providers, and specialize in medium and small companies that can afford them over the other VOIP providers that are more expensive and built for big companies.

One of the difficulties of Ooma is their unreliable outgoing faxing. Some customers have had to pay for multiple lines and rely on other carriers services. Besides this difficulty though, Ooma Office has one of the easiest to use VOIP phones. Their system is very easy to set up, which helps when customer support is unavailable, and is simple to operate when you have it up and running. Ooma also lets you keep your own number or choose to get a new one.

Ooma doesn’t have many additional prices to add to the main cost, but the price starts so low it would still be a very good investment. Ooma has its own pros and cons, but overall has a good success rate. It is a good VOIP system for small companies, and a good starter for new businesses.